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The Bedrock Philosophy: Your business, from the ground up.

That's our philosophy and it governs the way we think. 


Every interaction we have with clients begins with a concrete understanding of the organization's core value proposition, its mission, and its value creation model. We think this ground-up approach creates a reliable foundation, or Bedrock, upon which we can confidently plan & execute a winning marketing strategy.

After all, a civil engineer wouldn't construct a highrise apartment on top of loose soil. Neither should a brand be built on loosely defined values and unclear objectives.


Bedrock has experience helping wealth managers & insurance agents expand their client books through innovative marketing tactics that employ tested psychological principles and big data. 


Bedrock specializes in helping ISO/MSP's differentiate themselves within a highly fragmented market through niche-specific strategies separated by customer vertical.  


Bedrock aids consumer goods companies in planning, developing and growing their brands. We have experience advising startups and Fortune 500 companies.  


Bedrock's approach toward dentistry aims to help family offices compete against large corporate dental clinics through its Attract, Retain & Propagate framework. 

A Michigan-based Company

Ann Arbor, MI 48104



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