Bedrock: A Short History

Our History: The Early Days Driven by the desire to be one of the "Leaders and the Best," Bedrock traces its roots to the University of Michigan, in Ann Arbor.

Founded by Grant Sobczak in 2015, Bedrock (formally known as Modern Mind Technology) began as a modest, one-man web design firm. Throughout high school, Grant designed websites for local mom & pop shops, volunteered at the Rotary Club and played trumpet in the school's marching band.​

Soon enough, word about Modern Mind Technology began to circulate quickly around the local Chamber of Commerce and Grant's business began to help more & more small business owners. Slowly, Grant hired his first employees as he balanced school work, college applications & new clients.

​In October 2018, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce celebrated Modern Mind Technology as one of the Top 3 Young Entrepreneur Businesses. Around the same time, Grant delivered his first, 16-minute TEDx talk emphasizing the importance of small business in a community.

Our Most Recent History After graduating, Grant started college at the University of Michigan's Stephen M. Ross School of Business, one of the top five business colleges in the country.

During his freshman year, he discovered his passion for psychology and data science and began to apply it to business scenarios. Inspired by its potential, in March 2020, amid the chaos of the coronavirus, Grant founded Bedrock Associates, the next iteration of Modern Mind.​

He aspired to leverage his experience in digital marketing along with data-rich resources and psychological principles to provide specialized marketing & branding consulting services.

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