Terra Firma

Our signature marketing deep dive program guaranteed to ignite your business.

All of our services, insights & expertise in one, 5-Step marketing program.   
Our Five-Step Process - Building up from the Bedrock




First, we drill down to the heart of your value proposition & business model. We'll build on top of this foundation.



Next, our analysts leverage our $100,000+ in market research tools to find relevant trends & insights.




Then, an associate works one-on-one with you to craft a strategic marketing plan of action using these insights. 


After, our analysts implement the strategy using our Attract, Retain & Propagate framework and psychological principles.


Finally, your associate reviews your lead generation activity and provides advice in a monthly discussion. 

Compare: Terra Firma 30 & Terra Firma 365

Terra Firma 30

Our free, no-obligation introductory program where we spend one month walking through Step 1 & Step 2. 

We'll identify your brand's mission, values, competitive advantages, audience & more and then conduct value-added research to discover relevant trends & opportunities.

At the end of the one month trial, you'll receive a summary of our research findings whether you decide to subscribe to Terra Firma 365 or not. 

Terra Firma 365

Our all-inclusive signature marketing capstone program where we spend one year walking through Steps 1-5.

After Step 2, we'll craft a comprehensive marketing & branding strategy. Then, we'll implement your custom strategy using our full range of services & expertise. 

Finally, in Step 5 we'll fine-tune your strategy. Bedrock refreshes your advertisements, email templates, and more on a quarterly basis. 

Services Included

Terra Firma includes all of our firm's services in one, comprehensive marketing program.

Marketing/Branding Consulting

Value-Added Market Research

Lead Generation

Email Marketing & CRM 

Digital Advertising

Web/Graphic Design

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Ann Arbor, MI 48104



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